About Janice Hathaway

Janice Hathaway is a nationally and internationally acclaimed surrealist artist. In 2016 she was invited to have a solo exhibition of her photo-collages at The Eugenio Granell Fundación in Santiago de Compostela Spain, the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to the surrealist movement. The Eugenio Granell Fundación holds works of Granell along with works by Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Francis Picabia, and André Breton. Three of her works are part of the Fundación’s permanent collection.

In her collages she uses original photographic images of plants, skies, beaches and objects, which she processes and prints digitally. These photographs are composited in Photoshop to create collages.

Strongly influenced by coincidence, humor, feelings and desire, her collages are contributions to surrealism’s ongoing revolution. Her photo-collages encourage reflection about the relationship between nature and culture, handwork and technology, the marvelous and the everyday.

The cutting and pasting of elements to create juxtaposition is a standard surrealist method. Janice’s digital approach expands this method to turn reality into surreality. She is seeking a space that appears to be real but could not possibly be real.

Janice was born St. Louis, Missouri in 1951, and lived in Alabama until the early 1980’s. She began working as a surrealist in 1973 when she first became a founding member of the surrealist group Glass Veal that originated in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and later continued in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1983 Janice moved to Mississippi and then Tennessee for teaching positions. She moved to Hawaii in 1988 where she continued to teach and work as a surrealist until she moved back to the USA mainland in 2008 and settled in Williamsburg, Virginia. In 2015 she was a founding member of the Alabama surrealist group Fresh Dirt. She travels internationally to meet and collaborate with other surrealists and in 2017 went to Isle of Wight England for The Archaeology of Hope exhibition and the Surrealist Summer Solstice. In 2018 Janice was the featured artist in Fresh Dirt Surrealist Sympatica! in Birmingham Alabama.