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We stayed in a home and saved money at the same time.



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Colonial Christmas wreath competition

Each year craftspeople in Colonial Williamsburg create wreaths. They go to great effort and expense to make interesting wreaths that use dried fruits, leaves, playing cards, feathers and a wide variety of items using only materials available in the 17th century.

Our wine tour in Virginia

While we were in Virginia we decided to tour some of the vineyards. Virginia is becoming well know for good wines and we wanted to taste some and decide for ourselves. Of course we could just go to the store and buy a bottle but decided it was more fun to actually visit a vineyard. […]

Christmas in Williamsburg

Last Christmas we exchanged our home with a nice family in Williamsburg Virginia and asked our family to join us. Since the kind family who swapped their home for ours also had children it was just perfect. We were there long enough to see the many Christmas activites in the area. One of our favorite […]

We loved exploring Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown without having to hurry.

I exchanged my apartment in Amsterdam with a professor in San Francisco. We each made valuable connections through our extended stay.



answers to your questions


Is this site a real site?

Unfortunately no. This site was made as an example for Computer Arts students at Thomas Nelson Community college.

Do we get to communicate directly with our Xchange partners?

Yes. Your direct communication with the main way the Xchanges work. After you submit your request we look through our other requests and help match our partners. After you connect it is up to the Xchange partners to make specific arrangements.

What is we change our mind and need to cancel?

While we hope this never happends of course it does. Since we only charge a modest reservation fee we hope to provide flexibility with you plans.

Do Xchange partners ever have a car available?

Yes. But that really depends on your partner and where you go. Some places it is best to use the local transportation and sometimes people do not have a local driver’s license.

How do we find an Xchange partner?

We look through our listings and email potential Xchange partners to you through email. After that it is up to you to contact your potential partner and see what works out.

We have already started planning our next Xchange.



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